I first tried this recipe a year ago when I came off my cleanse. I wanted to add eggs back into my diet but keep the gluten away. Our family loves a good old fashioned pancake breakfast on the weekends, as if it wasn't already hard enough cleansing for three weeks... I couldn't imagine watching, well maybe drooling, over the table as they each devour fluffy syrup dripping pancakes! Then I got a ding, literally a ding in my inbox. One of many many many nutrition sites that I subscribe too was doing a 21 day meal plan, I skimmed through the recipes and ta-da I stole this one with out even participating. I mean come on I just did three weeks of cleansing, I was starving. My mind was blown by the simplicity and to top it off it was delicious. Lets be honest, if you do not like bananas you are not going to like this. I add a little cinnamon, a little syrup, some fruit and heaven is on my plate, well actually in my belly. It never sits for long on a plate...

Pretty simple, there is not even much to write. 1. Chop up and smash bananas. 2. Crack egg. 3 Beat the bananas and the egg together. The egg will sort of break up the banana. Keep going until almost all the clumps are gone, there will be some but they will melt into pancake. 4. Add some coconut oil to a skillet. 5. Make about 2 small pancakes, cook like normal and flip. 6. Serve with what ever your heart desires!