Crystals have become quite the fad, let me set the tone. You have your fig tree in one corner, palo santo burning in another. Rose chilled in the fridge, next to your kombucha. I really could go on... And yes this is also me, not trying to be on a home decor blog but inspired by things that look good, taste good and heal good. 

However, as we all know but easily forget crystals are alive and full of healing properties. So many times I have heard the story where some one was having sleep issues, then unbeknownst, they have a clear quartz sitting next to their bed, next to their cell phone acting as a super booster. It basically amplifies energy. A suggestion before you purchase your next crystal, choose one that can also aid in some sort of healing effect. 

This brings me to the discussion of Black Tourmaline. Four years ago, as life goes, I stumbled across the table of Azalea of Place 8 Healing whilst perusing a craft fair down town. Of course whilst idolizing all the 'pretty' crystals, she asked me if there was anything going on in my life which could use some support. The only thing which came to mind was my daughters horrible sleep issues and her recurring night terrors. I didn't have to say much more before she handed me this black rock, I stared back with an inquisitive look. As if to say, I am intrigued but does it have to be this one?

Black Tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone, electrical in nature, providing a connection between earth and the human spirit. It is excellent in absorbing negativity and repelling it. The rock promotes a sense of power and self-confidence, allowing for a clearer, more objective view of the world. It also guards against environmental pollutants and radiation. 

She then laid it out clear and simple for me: This stone will help coco stay grounded at night, root her feet into the soil of the earth. Keep her in the present moment, not allow her to float into the past or the future while she dreams. This will keep her thoughts right where they need to be and prevent her from re-living her tantrums she experienced earlier that day. The abilities to redirect negative energy into positive energy will also help her shift into a better dream state. With its protective elements it should ward off any unwanted feelings of fear. 

I kid you not, life was significantly different after we brought our new friend home. That night Coco and I held the rock in our hands together. I set the intention for her, she kissed it and we placed it under her pillow. I said the following "Please keep my little coco safe tonight, turn her negative thoughts into positive ones. Keep her rooted in the ground, in the present moment. She is right where she needs to be right now." I then placed the black tourmaline under her pillow whilst she slept. And she slept, all through the night. It worked the entire week, each night we would reset the intention and follow the same rhythm. The moment we started to have signs of a bad night upon us, I quickly realized it was time to cleanse our stone and recharge it. Then we would be good again, safe and sound asleep. Now three years later, we have hardly had any more night terrors or night time waking. She is still suffering from growing pains from time to time, but I have found something which helps tackle that too (coming soon). I am so grateful for that day I stumbled into Parachute Market to find this little gem. I have to tell you, we have always experienced sleep issues with Coco since she was four months old. It certainly was rough, I was incredibly sleep deprived. The most challenging and heartbreaking moment came when she started re-living her tantrums from the day in her dreams that night. Word for word, full of the same emotions and physical actions. I was totally helpless and a wreck. My heart was open to receive any kind of alternative help. So it worked...

Now we hardly use the rock for Coco, although having done some more research I think she could benefit from some of its other healing properties. I am looking into buying a smaller rock for her to wear as I believe this will help with her fear of new children in overwhelming social settings. Since Coco no longer needs it, I use it while I work at the computer or by my phone charger as it attracts electromagnetic radiation away from the body. Other uses include protection against moaners, whiners (hmm maybe I should wear one of these too), emotional vampires. It can wake up your mind and help with concentration, also great for meditation. If you have a fear of small or dark places, or any environment you find fearful, this would be a great stone for you.

Have you had any experiences using crystals like ours? I would really love to here your story. What are your favorite crystals to use? Can you share with me some of your routines as I would love to dive deeper into crystal healing for all of us. If you are interested in learning more or buying crystals I encourage you to reach out to Azalea, she is a fountain of knowledge. 

Photo by Roseview