New babies; the sweet sweet smell, those little rolls, these precious new days, weeks, months... Those early days, the bond between parent and child, skin to skin, is almost all one needs.  However, with all this magic in the air there comes a time when practical necessities take over, every mother needs her essentials for that first year. A few wooden toys, a cozy swaddle, some silk scarves, teething rings, maybe even a little music box to comfort your growing babe. With play and soothing also comes eating, an exciting new time for mama and babe. A journey into a world of color and taste, enriching us with light from the sun and the moon, nourishing us from the earth and water. Those first few bites; curled up tongues, wrinkled noses and eyes wide. 

As one experiments with a variety of foods and tea's we need a few staples. Three simple essentials; a bib, a spoon and a bottle. When shopping for baby items I hope to find products which align with my beliefs. I always try to find non-toxic, BPA free, even plastic free when I can. Cottons which are organic and hand dyed naturally. We are lucky to live in a time where this is made available to us easily, with just a few clicks of a button a shipment is on its way! I try to shop local when and where I can however, I also believe in supporting small businesses online. Through the windows of Instagram I find my way into the hearts of other mother's who are selling, designing, creating or making there way into their own businesses. I just love it. We have a beautiful social portal for us to all find each other and support one another. This is how I found Cloth. An online shop run by the sweetest mother of two who fills her e-shelves with the dreamiest of children's goods. Carefully selected items from around the world, Justine's store portrays something of a story book. A genuine feeling of childhood unplugged, with little girls running through apple orchards in smock dresses with knee high socks and matching bows. Little boys sitting in dirt piles driving wooden toy tractors whilst wrapped up in hand knitted sweaters. Babies in bonnets napping in basket bassinets. Her store is my country outlet whilst I live here in the city. I get to be part of this picture each time I score a new dress from her perfect picks. 

Along with her collection of kids clothing are a few chosen accessories; baby toys, learning toys, teether's, blankets and more. I don't have a baby anymore but I loved her choice of feeding tools and felt compelled to share with you her selects:


Bird & Butterly Baby Bottle Set


Garbo & Friends


This sweet bottle duo is made from PES, which is what gives the bottle its natural golden color. PES is a BPA free material with tremendous durability; heat resistant, doesn't absorb odors nor go cloudy. The bottles have a natural s- curve to help little hands get a good hold. The anti-colic nipples are made from medical grade silicone to reduce to the risk of gas of colic. Garbo & Friends feeding products are independently tested and found free from BPA, Phthalates, Lead & Organotin compounds. These are produced in accordance with European Standard EN-14350 which are much stricter than our own US standards. This bottle is safe, sweet and solid. 

(personally using glass bottles I found them to be incredibly heavy for young ones and the risk of smashing even when wrapped in silicone is too high a risk until they are much older)

Use these bottles for milk, water or try some fresh luke warm tea, such as fennel or chamomile. 

Baby Feeding Spoons


Garbo & Friends


Also by Garbo & Friends comes another S-curved favorite, these sweet feeding spoons. The curve helps aid a baby in the right movements for feeding. Also made from PES materials, these are dishwasher safe too. I love the porcelain design aspect of these sweet spoons, giving a decadent yet traditional feel to dinner time. Also available in mint. 

Claire Baby Bibs





These soft plush Japanese bibs come in an assortment of muted colors. This brand is dedicated to finding the highest quality and ethical design process in Japan, bringing their knowledge, experience and products to the rest of the world. This bib is a great accessory for the drooler, as its fine quality cotton and linen can add comfort to those with sensitive skin. 


Check out Cloth online here or visit instagram to step into her world. There is an extra 15% off items today using code SUMMER15. Run don't walk...