We are a pretty healthy family (quick prayer insert) that hardly ever visits the doctor. So when Cold + Flu season approaches we take the necessary means to naturally support our immune systems. Usually this keeps the doctors away and any viruses we do incur we can simply treat in the comfort of our own home.

However, this season has been exceptionally bad. With a wicked flu followed by a hacking cough, a volatile stomach virus, a weeping cold we have seen it all in just a short couple of months. Emergency rooms have been flooded and pediatric offices with wait lists. Sometimes these super bugs are just too powerful and take over the body no matter how prepared you are. Depending on your health, your immune system (which can be compromised without even knowing, especially depleted mothers), your age and where you are spending your time is going to effect how hard you get hit and how often. I am pregnant, vulnerable to the max. I also have a kindergartner in school full time. My immune system has never quite been the same since giving birth but I boost it as much as I can with acupuncture, herbs, tinctures, vitamins, mineral’s to keep me on track as I suffer from adrenal fatigue. Now that I am growing a tiny human my immune system is naturally lowered purposefully by my body in order to protect the growing fetus. So in exchange I have suffered each and every one of these nasty viruses since New Years. However, my body knows what to do and how to fight it because it has done so, so many times before naturally. My beautiful daughter being the lovely culprit of infection only landed in the doctor’s office once which was rare but necessary, the cough which came after the flu was nasty and one I have never witnessed before. Our pediatrician was stumped listing off all the usual suspects; croup, whooping cough, bronchitis and none of them hit the mark. His conclusion was that it was just a very bad regular cough but it was exhausting listening to her every thirty seconds hack up a lung. It was painful to bare witness even to him. So he prescribed her over the counter children’s cough syrup and an inhaler to expand her lungs. We are so very fortunate to have a holistic doctor who also believes and is trained in western medicine. He said very specifically this is a band aid, it will not treat her cough but the reason I am giving you this prescription is to offer her some relief, that her body may rest and the natural medicine we will offer her can start to work as right now her body is exhausted and cannot heal. Terrified to give her such strong medication but I knew it was necessary. With that he gave us four naturals to ‘treat’ the infection, which we had on hand at home but I was not using it aggressively or consistently. I immediately administered to her the inhaler (which she found to be amusing) and the gnarly orange cough syrup. We were supposed to see dramatic relief within minutes. We waited. We waited. It came to our second dosing and still nothing, no change, no break. I called our doctor back o express my concerns. I was also giving her the naturals in between. I made a choice to not continue with the prescription meds and focus of the aggressive treatment of naturals and to my honest surprise after three hours her could reduced by 50%, by the end of the evening she had hardly coughed and by the next day it was 90% gone. I suggested this same remedy to a few other friends who saw the same dramatic results. This is not to say that western medicine is not necessary, it very well is in many cases. It is to show that naturals can be as successful sometimes because they like to work with our bodies not against them. 

I wanted to share that little story with you as an example of our choices. We 100% believe in going to the doctor when it is really deemed necessary, it can save lives. However, most of the time we attack it from home. To allow our bodies to process the virus and actually learn to rid itself is how you properly get it out of your system. Medications suppress the virus, hiding them in your system, you may feel better but your body did not fully expose of it. So below I have included what we keep on hand in the home to better protect our systems against viruses and things we do to treat and recover from them. These are usually fully stocked in our house especially around this time of year. I also take a mini version when we travel.



Echinacea & Goldenseal for adults, Echinacea drops for kids, Plain Echinacea is safe for pregnancy. Take as a preventative as onset of symptoms and throughout virus.

Elderberry Syrup you can make yourself by following my recipe, or buy in tablet form for adults and syrup for kids. Safe for pregnancy. 

Umcka syrup for adults and kids, safe for pregnancy.  

Zinc Lozenges

Vitamin C in liposomal form 1000mg per tsp, adults have up to 5000+ throughout the day, once you hit soft stool you have had enough and it is working. Up to 4000 is safe for pregnancy but not to stay consistent with this just til virus simmers down. Kids depending on age, Coco will have about 2000mg.

ColdCalm and Oscillococcinum homeopathic packs, safe for kids and pregnancy.

Homeopathic kit

Ivy Calm syrup for coughs, safe for kids, adults and pregnancy. Also a good bran for kids is

Uriel Spruce Syrup for coughs, safe for kids and pregnancy.

Uriel plantain licorice tea, safe for kids.

Uriel plantain beeswax cough salve

Lemons, fresh organic lemons for numerous reasons including lemon wraps for sore throats and fevers. For fresh teas, lemon water and garlic lemonade. 

Ginger for fresh teas, foot baths and sinus compresses.

Garlic for soups, lemonade and to take whole as a natural antibiotic.

Onion for soups, chest compress or ear infections.

Mustard powder for pneumonia, chest compress. 

Manuka Honey 15+ UMF for sore throats especially strep, stomach and skin.

Essentail Oils; Lemon, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Lavender, Peppermint, Fennel, Chamomile, Immunity Blend. These treat sore throats, fevers, upset tummies, congestion and boost immunity.

Fennel Tea, Throat comfort tea, Echinacea tea.

Baking soda for stomach upset and cleaning toilets...

Steam inhalation, diffusers and humidifiers!

Hot water bottle

Electrolytes replenisher; maple syrup, lemon, salt, water

Bone broth

We have a ton of other stuff laying around but these are the essentials. Always consult your physician or pediatrician before using any of the above, especially for kids or pregnancy. I advise to have a natural, holistic doctor to work with along with your western general practitioner, this way you can have recommended doses for individuals as everyone is different. If you have ragweed allergies check with your doctor what is safe.