sophie assa


sophie assa

Diffusing oils throughout your home is a wonderful way to experience your essential oils. The inhalation process is an extremely important asset for therapeutic benefits. It can be very supportive for congestion, air purifying, mood enhancing and to move into a restful state for bedtime, just to name a few. 

Part of the process of diffusing essential oils, is the practice of cleaning. Although essential oils have anti-bacterial and ant-microbial properties and act as great disinfectants, when sitting in water for days they can become corrosive to your machine. Even if you are great at dumping the last bit of cloudy water or you run it dry, the residue will build up and eventually cause your diffuser to stop working. Think of a nice bath you have just taken, you added some of your favorite bath oil. Once you let the tub drain you can feel the oil has left a residue around the entire basin. It is the same for a diffuser! I am a big bath girl, so maybe that won't make sense to you... think of a frying pan or something! I would also like to point out that you should not re-run you diffuser the next day with old oil and water, you will not receive the same benefits. Always start fresh. 

Back to cleaning. It is suggested that a once a month deep clean is necessary to keep you diffuser in good form as well as make sure you are getting the full aromatic effect of new oils. Daily maintenance is also required, but only if you use it daily of course, which we do. Here are some tips for daily and monthly upkeep:

Daily Maintenance

Unplug the diffuser. Discharge used water. Using a cloth take a little gentle natural dish soap and give a nice wipe, this will soak up the grease. Using a wet clean side, wipe out the soap. Give the diffuser a quick rinse. Then dry using another cloth,

Monthly Maintenance

This is a deep clean. Fill your diffuser half way with clean water. Add 10 drops of white vinegar to the water. Allow the diffuser to run for 5 minutes. It will disperse throughout the unit and clean it. Drain the diffuser. Grab a cotton swap dipped in white vinegar and gently clean those little hard to reach areas. Then rinse with clean water. Use a dry cloth to wipe down until dry. 

It is recommended that you always check your user manual for your diffuser as many brands have their own technique, we have found this to be most effective and it is a pretty well known tool. 


To be completely honest, on the daily I dump and dry. Every Monday I give them a good wipe down with the soap, then monthly with the vinegar. Everyone has time to do what they can... Just putting it out there, that we are not diffuser perfect.