Books open our minds, they let us dive deep into imagination and escapism. Some educate, some tell us how it is and other just make us believe. For kids they enjoy the same principals. They recognize colors, animals, letters. They learn manners, start to understand relationships, grasp morals with mostly positive endings. Visual concepts can help when something is too great for their understanding. We have used books and made up bed time stories as a way to help break down what is happening in reality. For example, when our doggie died, or my mom went in to hospital or even friendship struggles at school. It is a unique time to nurture one on one relationships, it is also vital for their development that parents read to their children. Books are a huge part of our family rhythm. Sometimes our lives get very busy so we have had to schedule in family sessions so that our kids can mimic this wonderful practice, it is always better if we lead by example. I want to share with you our fun collection of stories.

I chose Dream Animals: A Bedtime Journey by Emily Winfield as my first book to post. I absolutely adore this book, the images take me on an adventure with Coco, I often wish I was in this book. We also have Day Dreamers: A Journey of Imagination, which is just as stunning. When we finish reading books, we blow out the candle, sing a good night song and then Coco ask's me to help her get to dreamland. For us this has always been a fluffy cloud which comes in through her window, she climbs aboard, snuggles in and then the cloud floats up above the houses, the tree's, the clouds, up to the twinkling stars and so on and so on. Sometimes we switch to animals because of this book. It usually ends up being a unicorn. Here are a few snaps from the book to help you better understand how gorgeous this story is... I would love to hear what your little ones thing of this book, I would highly suggest buying both stories you will not be disappointed.

All pictures by Roseview