sophie assa

Prenatal Yoga: The Fantastic 8

sophie assa
Prenatal Yoga: The Fantastic 8

Over the course of my life there have been many moments which have brought me great pleasure. From the day I was able to fit in my mothers high heels, to my first kiss, to my first car, then came love and then the baby carriage... However, I can honestly say for me there one specific time in my life which made me feel 100% whole, content and at peace. This was my pregnancy, fueled with so much mystery and excitement. For the first time, I felt complete, there was a stillness within and an empowerment which came out. I was in charge of this babe, my body, my mind and our journey together. I was able to have this unique connection to her which to this day we still share and I owe it all to yoga.

I am not a fitness junkie. I am naturally athletic and love sports, I think some would say I'm mildly competitive. Yoga just has never really been my thing, mainly because I find it hard to sit with myself at times (especially pre-baby life). However, the universe has other plans by guiding me to a Kundalini prenatal class at 12 weeks and my mind, body and soul just melted as I walked into the room. My breathe went deep, my footsteps got light, I knew this was exactly where I needed to park my new pregnant booty for the next 28 weeks or so. I let myself go in this class and as a result my mind became quiet. I was able to feel this true love rooted from within and as I placed my hands on my baby, I connected with her, so deep. From that moment our minds were synced. I became insanely present. Life had a new meaning. I was so stoked to be living it and sharing my space with this mini me. I literally spent 3-4 days a week stretching it out in that class, staying connected and enjoying the calm. It was pure magic, so I share with you today some of my favorite yoga positions to inspire you to hook up with your babe, let them know you are here with them. Get your body moving, let go of all the stresses, release the energy and be free through this pregnancy. Help your baby get into is best position. Also allow your spirit to waken or rest through certain positions, help for a more energized day or a more restful sleep.

I have asked a beautiful soul who I share many similarities when it comes to pregnancy, birth and toddler life. Paula Mallis of new space WMN will guide us through a series of prenatal poses. Remember these can also be used in every day life, for those of us who just need to find some strength for the day ahead or peace for the night to come.

Roll you tongue in a V shape, inhale deeply through the rolled tongue and exhale through your nose. This breath pattern releases thought patterns that do not serve you and encourages the intuitive truth to flow through you. Continue this technique for 3-7 minutes. Highly recommend for night

Mantra and Partner Pose
With a friend or partner, sit facing each other. Connecting into each others eye, soul gazing. You can sing a song or say a mantra that reminds you to go with the flow as you prepare for birth. Enjoy this one and try to do it for 3-5 minutes. Sat Nam is a good mantra to go back and forth. Great for a morning routine.

Cat Cow

This is great for the morning. Make sure your knee's are wider than your hips, making space for the baby. Hands are in alignment with the shoulders. Inhaling as you open the heart and exhale as you round the back and hug the baby. Continue for 3 minutes then rest in child's pose.


Hands are on your knee's, eyes are closed and rolled up to your third eye. Inhale as you rotate in a circular direction and exhale as you circle and rotate back. Long deep inhales through the nose and exhale through your mouth. Reverse direction and repeat. Continue for 3 minutes each direction. This exercise is great for digestion or energetically unwinding what is not serving you. Another good morning routine.

Rest Pose/ Side Lying

Lying on your side with your knee up. This is a great position for opening up and making space in the hips. Resting for 5 minutes or more. Love this for night time, get settled for a good deep rest.

Sitting Side Stretching

Right leg is out and left heel comes into the right inner thigh. Inhale arms up and exhale stretch to reach right toe, ankle or shin. Inhale come to center and repeat. Then switch sides. This is great for making space in the ribs and stretching the inner and backs of the thighs. Good for morning poses.

Easy Pose

Sit in easy pose, hands on the knees, eyes are closed and rolled up to the third eye. Inhale open the heart and rock forward. Exhale and hug your baby round your back. In this exercise can inwardly chant two words that connect you. For example; On the inhale say "trust' and on the exhale say "letting go". Chanting or inwardly using words with movement can be a tool to take with you into labor.


Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart. Eyes are rolled up to third eye. Inhale and exhale slowly, finding your own rhythm with your breath. Every time your mind starts to drift come back to your breath. Connect to your baby, talk to your baby and go back to your two words. Inhale "trust' and exhale "letting go". continue for 3-2o minutes. You can work your way up, starting slow. This is great to do morning and night. The first and last part of your day.

Remember meditating is a great tool for those trying to conceive, pregnant, during labor, post-partum and just plain old motherhood!! Try to find moments in your day to just be still, you really only need a few minutes just to check in and check out. For those of you without a baby bump just bring your hands to prayer position.

Thank you again to Paula for opening up her stunning house which made these prenatal pictures so dreamy. Paula has lots of new and exciting projects for expecting and post-partum mama's. She has some wonderful ways to help you connect before and after birth so check in at her website

Thank you to our radiant model Elaina Bellis for letting us capture her during this sweet time with you and your angel Lincoln. We celebrate him and your two beautiful new twin girls. You can follow Elaina and he journey @laylaygibson.

Photos by Lauren Moore