Today my time is precious. The good old days of lay in's are long gone. On a sick day I may find time to kick my feet up on the couch and dive into a binge watching hall pass. However, most days I am counting down the hours I have left to accomplish everything I set out to do that day. Which usually consists of me attempting half and then actually only fulfilling a quarter of those! It seems as if we are all a little pressed for time these days, we live in such a fast pace society. This pressure plays a huge role in our daily stress load as well as environmental toxins, diet, lifestyle, work, relationships and for most of us right now politics! Stress is the gateway drug to health related issues. Being a mom, a wife and a daughter I try to take on the world, even if some days it is just within the walls of our own home. It is important that I stay strong. The desire and maternal instinct to care for all the needs of everyone else before mine doesn't serve me. So I created an essential oil blend to help combat those little moments through out the day; when I start feeling that stress load. It may show up differently for everyone. Some get anxious, stressed, snappy, others get distracted, exhausted, defeated. I actually get a physical reaction of adrenaline and then jitters, as if I had too much caffeine. Not only do the oils help with stress on the body and mind but the rhythm of pausing, to recognize and listen to your body is sacred . Taking a couple of minutes to reach into your bag and pull out your essential oils; as you are rolling it on to your skin and inhaling deeply a moment of calm comes over you. Yes the oils work that quickly but its also taking a moment to catch your breath, for some of us we forget to 'really' breathe all day long. These long inhales open your chest and supply oxygen all through out your body causing you to relax and let go. I thoroughly enjoy these moments, just for the sense of smell. Sometimes I need gentle reminders too. I forget it is as simple as a little roller ball to offer some relief. 

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I have shared my Stress Blend recipe with my dear friend Jamie Arrigo. Find out which essential oils I use to combat stress and why they are beneficial.