First day of summer and we all got a little crispy. Even though we are applying sunblock, our pasty white winter skin has not officially been prepped to take the burning heat of the full day sun, especially by the ocean. The result sadly looks like a bunch of walking lobsters. We all have olive skin so we usually don't burn much; I think we suffer from a small case of denial those first few days in the sun. 

Here in LA it went from Spring to Summer in a day with a massive heat increase, we are up in the high 90's daily. I have yet to make our Aftersun Spray & Lotion, I often prepare this when we leave for vacation. We needed something quick on Sunday to offer some relief and to prevent peeling or any skin damage. I reached for the ingredients I know best and put together an easy, quick sunburn relief ointment. 


I poured 1/2 a cup of coconut oil into a small bowl. Then I added 3 drops of lavender essential oil. We have fresh aloe growing in our garden so I grabbed two stalks, opened them and scooped out the gel. Using my fingers I mixed the three ingredients together to make a cooling body oil. I then applied it to all areas that looked a little pink that evening, and twice a day after that for a couple more days. 

(You can also add peppermint to this for extra cooling and anti-inflammatory effects, but this version is for the whole family; personally I feel peppermint is too strong to use on children topically)

The Lavender oil is used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine to keep any swelling, soreness, pain away, basically the skin's reaction to getting burnt. It also works as a cell regenerator to aid in the skins defense against damage and to support and restore. (Known to treat acute burns, we keep this one in the kitchen drawer!) Lavender also helps with headaches which can occur from sunstroke. Aloe Vera is a plant which contains gel and latex from within it's leaf are useful in treating sunburn due to it's anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It contains large amounts of vitamins, fatty acids, hormones and minerals which all support the skin. It has a cooling effect and can be kept in the fridge for extra chilling. The plant is an easy one to grow but I also like this brand which has it bottled, great for travel! I use Coconut Oil as the carrier oil again for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxident properties. It also acts as a good moisturizer to bring back hydration into the skin.

No peeling, no soreness or that tight burnt skin feeling when it hurts to lay on your sheets. Although to be honest we did not get that burned, pink not red, as we did apply sunblock several times. However, I am going to reapply ever 30-60 minutes until our skin has softened to the rays of the sun, then apply every couple of hours or each time we get out of the water. I keep learning the same lesson every summer...