Breast Thermography is a 15 minute is non-invasive, painless, state of the art clinical test without any exposure to radiation. It is preformed by ultra-sensitive, high resolution digital infrared cameras. The physiological test, demonstrates heat patterns that are strongly indicative of breast abnormality. The test can detect subtle changes in breast temperature which can indicate a variety of breast diseases, once these patterns are detected then follow up procedures are used to properly diagnose cancer or a host of other abnormalities. 

Last year was pretty intense to say the least and as a result I started fearing for my own health. My breasts and heart felt the most vulnerable by my emotionally charged state. It was hard to navigate, was I going to have a heart attack or was there something growing in my left boob. I remember at my last OBGYN check up he mentioned they were not doing mammograms yearly anymore and around that same time I heard a podcast discussing the negative impact of these scans. Here I heard the word Thermography for the first time. 

I needed to get checked out right away so I could put an end to my questioning. As the discomfort was coming from my boobs I figured the EKG could be second choice. As no one knew what this natural, non-contact, no radiation, no compression scan was I had to do some research and find somewhere local performing the tests. 

I never knew that approximately 15% of all breast cancers occur in women under 45! This is the most common cancer found in women of the age group 30-50, with thyroid cancer close behind. It was shocking to learn that breast cancer in younger woman is usually more aggressive and there is a poorer survival rate. You see the reason most doctors don't suggest mammograms until 50 is because the breast tissue in most women is too dense for it to have an effective reading. Apparently when you see a lump on a mammogram it has already taken 5-8 years to develop. Can you believe this??? In order to see a tumor on a mammogram the tumor has to be large enough and dense enough to be seen. This is where Thermography plays a vital role in early detection abilities. By performing Thermography many years before conventional mammography is suggested, allows for careful and accurate monitoring on breast health. It will also increase a patients treatment options and ultimately improve their outcome. 

Thermography is a tool young women and older women can use to keep a record of their breast health. All imaging is archived and compared against each other. It gives women who are at high risk the option to keep tabs. It allows those of us who are curious about lumps or paranoia to get checked naturally. Mammograms use radiation and compression, which can cause problems, if you can avoid this until something has actually been detected, you could be protecting yourself. 

                                                        This is my Thermography scan from May 2016

                                                        This is my Thermography scan from May 2016

Current research has determined that the key to breast cancer survival rests upon its earliest possible detection. If discovered in its earliest stages, 95% cure rates are possible. This is huge! And until a complete cure has been found for this heartbreaking disease, progress must be made in the fields of early detection. Thermography provides a most beneficial alternative to the general public and to medical professions which should not go a miss. It may be natural but it is effective. So please use this post as a way to educate and bring awareness to fellow females.  

So after all this research I felt confident in using Thermography. I sat in a very cold waiting room for 15 minutes to bring my body temperature down to normal. Then I was led into the screening room, it was a dark room, I felt like I was at the eye doctor, yet still less clinical. Much better than being at my OBGYN office.. I now had to sit for a further 15 minutes topless, alone, in order to bring my temperature down even more. Because Thermography uses heat in the body as signs of detection it is important to get your body temperature below normal to get an accurate reading. Then it was boob picture time. I stood facing the camera with my arms above my head, then one picture to the left and one picture to the right. Next came the only challenging part for me. I had to do a one minute immersion of my hands in ice cold water, lets be specific it was 11 degrees celsius! After 60 seconds of holding down my hands in this frost bite of a bath ( I literally kept asking the lady am I done, I can't feel my hands, I need to come out...) I repeat the same three picture placements again with my arms high above my head. Which is turn is a great angle for my breasts to be photographed, ultimate boob job status. If only we could walk around with our arms held high all the time no one would ever know these boobs were milk bottles. That was it, I was done. Cut to a week after and my results were in. Everything was normal, is normal. I got so much relief, the pain went away and I realized I should just meditate more. However through my paranoia, I found some very valuable information and now I have made a start to tracking my breast health. 

Here is a link to ACCT approved Thermography clinics in the Los Angeles area. For those of you in other areas they are popping up everywhere, it should not be hard to find someone close just make sure they are approved. 

Have you ever had a scare, what was your first steps? I would love to know if anyone has used Thermography and what was your experience? Please share your stories with me!


Photo by Jamie Arrigo for Roseview