I know last week was a bit of a shocker, but it is important information that I felt compelled to share. I promised you this week's tip would be about disinfecting your contaminated toothbrush, so here is a quick homemade natural recipe to get the germs out whilst leaving your mouth feeling refreshed.


Add 1 cup of water to 2 tbsp of white vinegar & 2 tsp of baking soda. Stir it up. Add one toothbrush and let sit for 30 minutes. Remove, dump water and rinse toothbrush. (This is recommended once a week, some people choose to leave their toothbrushes in this water mixture everyday until use but that seems nasty to look at, personally)


This is optional and dependent on your time. Boil water and pour over clean toothbrush. I would not let my toothbrush sit in boiling water because if it is plastic you will melt traces of chemicals into the water. However, a quick pour over and you are good to go. 


Lastly, once cooled if using boiling water. Add 1 drop of peppermint essential oil to your toothbrush. I like to do this daily, well actually nightly... After I have brushed my teeth in the evening I add the peppermint, so in the morning my toothbrush has an extra refreshing scent, taste and cleanliness.


Why Peppermint?

Well peppermint essential oil is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antimicrobial. It basically kills bacteria and also helps prevent bacteria from sticking to your teeth. With it's cooling and refreshing flavor it also acts as a great breath freshener. The scent refreshes and energizes your mind, what a great way to start the day. Some people add a drop to their toothpaste or create their own mouthwash with it. You can get creative. 

Why clean your toothbrush?

Now let me explain why we need to clean our toothbrushes, not just because of the horrible toilet flush fact but because what is happening when you brush your teeth. I am sure you have never thought about it in this way before. 

We are all aware of the millions of bacteria growing in our mouths, this is why we are brushing morning and night and sometimes in between. When you brush your teeth you scrub food and bacteria off and you pull that icky film off of your tongue, but then where do all the germs go from there? Most of us do a quick rinse under the tap, a little shake and then put it back until the next brush. Some of the germs go down the drain, but far too many of them remain on our toothbrushes. Toothbrushes are a fertile breeding ground for a number of strains of viruses and bacteria including the ones that cause the common cold and influenza. This is did not know! For this reason, the National Dental Association suggests that you replace your toothbrush every three months and clean it thoroughly at least once a week. Some how I missed this bit of education each time I visited the dentist, either I was not listening or they forgot to tell me but I swear no one has mentioned to me to clean my toothbrush once a week. Anyways, now I know.... and now I do. 

Use this to clean any type of mouth piece, tongue scrapers, mouth guards, dentures etc.. Please NEVER use bleach as this shows up online as a method and that is a very toxic way to clean your toothbrush.