What is a yoni, I hear you ask. Well, it is translated as being the female temple, our 'sacred space'. It is a Sanskrit term which symbolizes the Hindu Goddess Shakti, who represents female power. Basically in less tantric terms it is another name for our vagina. So yes, a yoni steam, is a vagina steam! Like most of you I had never heard of such a thing until I under went a deep emotional and physical cleanse using the Ayurvedic method: Pancahkarma at Surya Spa. I was so intrigued to know more and experience the opportunity to really nourish my whole self. Why not give my 'sacred space' the same special attention as the rest of my body, after all it is precious.

Our yoni is the place from where all life originated. It is the journey we travelled through to come in to this world. Being the most feminine part of our body, it is the most receptive and the most sensitive… So if we want to establish a deep connection with the feminine, our yoni is a great place to start. There are many ways to get in 'touch' with yourself but I am here to discuss the general housekeeping of your yoni. 

A yoni steam is used to cleanse, tone and revitalize a woman's center (uterus). It is a gentle process of using herbs and steam to soften and open the tissues of the vagina, which happen to be very absorbent. As we know when herbs are steeped in hot water the medicinal properties are released into the water and then carried up through the steam into and outside of the vagina. It is absorbed into the blood stream and into the uterus. In doing so, we support the uterus to function at its best, thus reducing the amount of work it has to do, and therefore your discomfort. This treatment can help support your natural female cycle, menstrual cramps, bacterial imbalance and an increased physical and emotional awareness during sex. It can also increase fertility by rejuvenating the reproductive system by warming the organs and increasing circulation of oxygenated blood to the vagina and the womb. Are you sold yet? If you have recently given birth (past the 6 week mark) a yoni steam is a great way to start the healing process.

Doing a yoni at home is not complicated. Simply get a medium pot, boil about 8 cups of water, add herbs and let soft boil for about 5 more minutes. Turn off heat, cover and let sit for a further 5 minutes. Place the pot over a towel spread out on the floor. Make sure the water is not too hot as you don't want to burn yourself! Add a towel around the pot for added safety. Remove the lid and kneel over the bowl. Cover your entire body with a sheet or extra large towel. You want to create a sort of body tepee, this keeps all the steam in and stops your body from getting cold (make sure there are no gaps for the steam to escape). Try to kneel here for 15-20 minutes. It is a bizarre sensation at first, it is a place you are not used to sweating/steaming from but once you relax into it, it actually is the most incredible feeling. Feel free to shower after, either way is fine. You can also order a steamer and a stool if you get hooked...

Yoni steams can help with the following: Fertility, heavy menses, irregular cycles, painful cramping, pre-menopause & menopause, dryness, irritation, odor, yeast infections, tones uterus after birth, ovarian cysts & fibroids and connecting us to our own personal energy. It is not suggested to under go a yoni treatment if you are pregnant, menstruating, have an IUD or just given birth!

-As women, we hold our power in our womb as this is where we create life. A yoni steam can help us connect to this powerful feminine energy. Meditations and mantras will also help connect during a yoni steam- Aleiela Allen director of Mother & Baby at Surya

Why not include this in your self care ritual and in the comfort of your own home. Surya Spa has created three yoni blends which you can order from their website:

Fertlilty & Uterine support: Shatavari, Mugwort, Motherwort, Raspberry Leaf, Ashwaganda

 Yeast Infections & Candida: Neem, Triphala, Chamomile, Pau d'arco

Gentle Cleaning: Mugwort, Motherwort, Chamomile

However, if you want to experience Surya Spa I would highly recommend booking yourself in for a Yoni steam at $75 and a delicious Kitcheri lunch. 

Surya Spa is not your average spa experience. Nestled in the Santa Monica mountains, with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, you feel a sense of calm the moment you arrive. One deep inhale of the ocean air and one giant exhale as you step foot into a healing sanctuary. Suddenly you find yourself in a little bohemian Californian cottage surrounded by radiant glowing girls carry herbs to and from treatment rooms. What was once ocean air has been replaced by the warm smell of spices inviting you in. A low excitable yet relaxed chatter comes from people connecting over a home cooked lunch discussing their treatment experience. You feel you are home, immediately there is this sense of comfort and ease. As you look around, you witness the work and attention which goes into each client. You start to understand the connection you are about to have with Martha, the one and only Ayurvedic master of Los Angeles. The whole process is so welcoming by the end of your treatments you feel as if you have become a part of this very special family. You never want to leave. I have never experienced treatments so relaxing and specific to my needs, I truly felt rejuvinated and centered and maybe some what angelic leaving there. 


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