Photo courtesy of Lauren Moore
I was raised to be aware. To listen to my body and honor it. I was taught that we are designed to fight not flee. If we give our bodies the opportunity to do what it knows best, we will thrive. We are surrounded by the cures. To trust that nature has it’s roots, it’s leaves, it’s flowers and it’s fruits. Alternative means surround us, empower us, heal us.

Sophie was born in London, into a family of music and fashion. Living between a cosmopolitan city and a surfers paradise (Malibu), she lived a busy lifestyle but quietly stayed in tune with her holistic upbringing. When she was seven her mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which came back every three years until she was 12. Spirituality and alternative medicine played an enormous role in their lives while her mother also received conventional treatment. Many years later, married and pregnant with a successful career in styling her mothers tumor resurfaced. For the past 5 years they have been on a journey working with integrative and conventional medicine to help heal and treat her mothers brain tumor. During Sophie's pregnancy she returned to her holistic upbringing to help raise her child in a natural environment. Here she shares with you how she is bringing up her daughter alternatively and how they try to live a toxic free lifestyle. However, no one is perfect and she also believes on living life to it's fullest so with that comes with lots of mistakes and cheating!!!