Photo courtesy of Lauren Moore
Here is a quick reference guide to the most commonly used essential oils:

Lemon- Circulation, Detox, Uplifting, Digestion, Immunity, Cleansing

Lavender- Calming, Relaxing, Insomnia, Wounds & Burns, Headaches, Fevers, Allergies, Cough

Peppermint- Digestive, Fever, Headache, Cold & Flu, Energy, Breath Freshener, Insect Repellent,

Melaleuca- Respiratory, Urinary, Anti-fungal, Anti-Septic, Bad Breath, Acne, Sore Throat, Ear Infection

Frankincense- Uplifting, Rejuvenating, Nervous System, Coughs, Colds, Immunity, Cancer, Skin, Toning

Oregano- Antibacterial, Virus, Infection, Candida, Cramps, Sinuses, UTI’s

I have a created a line of therapeutic essential oil blends which you can purchase in the shop. By blending appropriate oils together they can aid in the mind, body and soul to help alleviate many symptoms.


Aromatherapy is one of the oldest and most popular methods of natural health care. It is a simple approach to health by treating the whole person holistically - mind, body and spirit. Essential oils harness a plants therapeutic and medicinal properties, they are natural healers.

An essential oil is the natural fragrant essence extracted from flowers, leaves, barks, roots, fruit peel and berries. When ever you grate a lemon, peel an orange, snap a sprig of rosemary or smell a jasmine blossom it is the essential oil you are inhaling. Most oils are extracted by steam distillation. Delicate flowers are solvent extracted and citrus fruits are expressed. They create a highly concentrated oil, for example, a single essential oil contains as many as 100 different chemical components.  

Our sense of smell is sensitive and immediate. Chemicals in scent can trigger physiological responses and effect our mental state. The quickest way to absorb essential oils is by inhaling their aroma, which has a direct effect on the brain.  Oils can also be absorbed through the skin during a massage, bath or carrier oil. Both routes offer oils to enter the bloodstream, where their healing properties take effect. Some essential oils can actually pass through the blood-brain barrier!

It is very important to buy reliably sourced organic essential oils. It is wise to choose quality over cost and natural over synthetic. Otherwise all health benefits can be replaced with toxic overload and do more harm than good. 

If I can offer one word of advice, don't order oils off Amazon. You don't not know the source and many reviews have stated that the oils have been watered down or altered. Be safe, order wisely. Also I believe oils should not be ingested as they are not biocompatible, please choose herbs for internal use.